Government Agency loans offer on sale of the fifth

Loans for public employees and pensioners

Loans for public employees and pensioners

In order to guarantee public employees and pensioners the possibility of accessing credit on special terms, Government Agency has signed agreements with various credit institutions. Among these we find . In fact, the online financial note provides loans at subsidized conditions dedicated to workers and public pensioners, the Government Agency loans.

When analyzing the loan offer Government Agency refers to two products. In fact, the financial company provides loans on the assignment of the fifth on favorable terms through the assignment of the fifth of the salary or pension.

The advantages of the Government Agency loan offer are primarily represented by the possibility of obtaining sums of over 30 thousand USD. Money to be repaid with a repayment plan in monthly installments of a constant amount. The installment is deducted directly from the payee’s paycheck or pension check. The interest rate is fixed.

To be considered also the fact that loans on assignment of the fifth can also be requested by those who already have a loan in progress. This is because given the characteristics of the assignment of the fifth, loans of this type can also be granted to those who already have a loan. The repayment of the installments is in fact guaranteed by the presence of a fixed income. The same goes for those who are reported as bad payers.

Offers loans on sale

Offers loans on sale

Given the signing of an agreement with the social security institution, those who apply for Government Agency loans can also benefit from preferential conditions and short deadlines for granting credit. Below are the conditions of the offers advertised on the official website of the financial company.

Until January 31, 2018 it is possible to obtain a loan upon transfer of the fifth of the 12 thousand USD pension to be repaid in 120 months. The monthly payment to be paid is 136 USD while Tan and Taeg are fixed at 6.46% and 6.65% respectively.

For employees, on the other hand, the January offer provides for a 13 thousand USD loan with repayment in 120 months. The monthly payment is fixed at 144 USD while Tan and Taeg stand at 5.95% and 6.11% respectively.

Lastly, we remind you that civil servants also have the possibility of requesting loans with payment delegation. Products that allow those who are already in the process of assigning a fifth to transfer an additional fifth of their salary, thus reaching a maximum of two fifths (40%) of the paycheck.

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