300 dollar loan without interest

How times have changed and how empty your pockets are! A few years ago, 300 USD could seem like a not too high amount of money. If we had to pay that amount, for example, pay a fine, pay the dentist or buy glasses; better or worse, but it was paid and that’s it. Then the crisis came. Stay with us. And now spending that amount can be a real headache for many families. So much so that they even ask for a loan of 300 USD.

We have talked in this blog on many occasions about the large number of lending companies that, in recent times, have gained their place in the market thanks to the fact that they sell fast loans with little paperwork or bureaucracy. 15 minutes, in the best case, is what we can take to have the requested amount entered into our bank account.

But the last cry is the companies that grant little money, for example, a loan of 300 USD, without interest. In just 10 minutes we can have them in our possession without having done a single paper and without having to pay interest. Sounds nice, right?

Companies that grant a loan of 300 USD

Companies that grant a loan of 300 USD

Currently there are four companies that grant a loan of 300 USD without interest in Spain.

  1. Kredito24: allows you to request up to 750 USD and they will not charge interest as long as the amount is returned, at most, in seven days.
  2. Creditomas: up to 400 USD without interest if it is returned within a maximum period of 30 days. The money takes 15 minutes to reach our account.
  3. Solcredito: in this case the maximum limit that can be requested, to avoid having to face interest or commissions, is 600 USD. The return period is also set at 30 days.
  4. Vivus: without interest you can not ask for more than 300 USD. To return it we will have a maximum of 30 days. It is the customer who chooses the return period. From seven to 30 days.

The trick of companies that grant a loan of 300 USD

The trick of companies that grant a loan of 300 USD

So far, everything is perfect, but nobody gives pesetas hard. Where is the business of these companies? Firstly, that the interest-free conditions only apply to those who request the first credit in the company. In other words, on the one hand, they manage to attract new clients who, if they need a loan again in the future, are more likely to return and, in addition, take away clients from the competition.

Also, these companies that grant a loan of 300 USD do not include interest if the money is returned within the stipulated period. But if we spend only one day, the surcharge will be really important. What was said. No one here gives away anything.

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