How to access the reserved area with Social Institute pensioners

Reserved area for pensioners access and services for citizens

Reserved area for pensioners access and services for citizens

Since January 2012 the Government Agency has been canceled and all its services have passed to Social Institute. This is therefore the body to which all the former Government Agency members must refer, including pensioners. Those who are holders of a pension allowance can in fact access all the services dedicated to them and the Social Institute services formerly Government Agency pensioners.

Among the various services accessible through the Social Institute ex Government Agency pensioners reserved area, we mention the possibility for each pension check holder to access their own pension slip.

Social Institute pension slip

Social Institute pension slip

The service for accessing the coupon not only allows you to view the latest pension slip received, but also to compare the various coupons and perform various other operations.

The main ones are:

  • receiving communications
  • change personal data of the pensioner
  • summary of the pensioner’s personal and payment data
  • change in the office where the pension is paid
  • recovery and printing of the Single Certification

We remind you that in order to access the Social Institute ex Government Agency pensioners reserved area, and consequently to the pension slip, you must be in possession of the Social Institute Pin. Code thanks to which the administration uniquely identifies the subject, only allowing him access to the services dedicated to him.

Social Institute Government Agency online loan application

Social Institute Government Agency online loan application

Not only. Among the services accessible to pensioners through the Social Institute ex Government Agency reserved area, we also mention those relating to subsidized loans ex Government Agency. Despite the elimination of the social security institution, in fact, public pensioners can still take advantage of the loans at advantageous interest rates granted by Government Agency.

These are the so-called ex Government Agency loans, which can only be requested online. On the official Social Institute website there is in fact an online service that allows public pensioners to submit the application for funding using the Social Institute pin.

The application forms for Government Agency loans, which are divided into small loans and multi-year loans, can be downloaded directly from the official Social Institute portal. To do this, it is necessary to connect with the Forms section of the Social Institute website. The models for submitting the request can be downloaded both in Pdf and zip format.

Immediate loan without a fixed job

Borrowers who want to take out a loan today face different conditions than people who wanted to take out a loan a few years ago. After the turn of the millennium and the widespread use of the Internet, numerous banks emerged that market their credit products exclusively via the Internet.

The so-called online banks have revolutionized the market with cheap instant credit products. The borrower can benefit not only from low interest rates, but also from flexible contract design, simple application and fast availability. A flawless credit rating is not necessary for an instant loan to be called up. Numerous banks today also offer instant credit without a permanent job or with a negative Credit Bureau.

Persons who are unemployed but who have a positive Credit Bureau should definitely use a conventional instant loan product with Credit Bureau, since the creditworthiness can be significantly enhanced with Credit Bureau. Due to the significant increase in the supply of credit, even without a permanent job, borrowers can benefit from a low interest rate today, but on the other hand the large selection also has a disadvantage: comparability is almost non-existent. Before applying for an instant loan without a permanent job, a comparison should always be made on the Internet.

Call up instant credit without a permanent job on favorable terms – This is how it works with the cheap loan

Call up instant credit without a permanent job on favorable terms - This is how it works with the cheap loan

Even without a permanent job, a cheap loan offer with low interest rates can be found if certain conditions are taken into account. Borrowers with a low income, casual job-seekers or unemployed should definitely choose a loan that takes Credit Bureau into account. Unemployed people should definitely differentiate between target and effective interest rates. The borrowing rate is only of limited significance as the adjusted interest rate, but individual factors are also taken into account in the effective interest rate.

The borrower has the possibility to influence the effective interest rate directly, in particular the Credit Bureau, term and loan amount play an important role, in addition to these variable factors, the fees for administration, application etc. from the bank also play an important role. In addition to income, the creditworthiness is significantly influenced by the Credit Bureau information, which is particularly advantageous for people without a permanent job. The choice of term and loan amount should be made consciously. Banks want a low credit risk and a short capital commitment, so borrowers should choose a short term and a low loan amount.

Find an instant loan without a permanent job – use the loan calculator for comparison and save money permanently

Find an instant loan without a permanent job - use the loan calculator for comparison and save money permanently

Credit calculators enable the borrower to compare several offers, taking into account the term, loan amount, repayment, income, etc. The loan comparison can be carried out quickly in this way and save a lot of money with the small time required for comparison.

How can a potential borrower pass a bank check



Before the bank approves the loan to the borrower, he checks its solvency and solvency. In order for the loan to be approved, you need to go through a bank audit and get a positive response at all points.

All the necessary data is provided by the borrower himself, as well as they are taken from the questionnaire, which he filled out to obtain a loan. Profiles are checked carefully. And if the bank does not understand something or is interested in some information, the client will have to talk additionally with the bank employee. They may also require information and documents that can confirm the accuracy of the data.

What information does the bank need from the borrower

What information does the bank need from the borrower

The solvency of the borrower

The bank can check it automatically or manually. When the check is carried out manually, the borrower will have to submit documents confirming his income, after which the bank will determine on the basis of the data whether the client will be able to repay the loan or not.

The better this parameter, and the more positive information is provided, the more chances a client has for approving a loan, and perhaps the bank will offer to increase the credit limit.

Bank customer check

This information is also taken based on the calculation of solvency: where the borrower works, on which account the employer has, what education (whether he graduated) – for the bank this will be a guarantee of responsibility, if there are several higher educations and several professions, be sure to indicate this.

The well-being of the borrower is the main component for the bank, so if the client has a house, apartments, garage, securities, shares, then this must be reported. Such customers really like the banks.

How to impress a bank?

How to impress a bank?

In addition, in order to indicate one positive information, if there is something negative, then this also needs to be indicated, since any information may be revealed during the check, and if the borrower hides it from the bank, it is unlikely that they will be given a loan.

And the most important thing in a bank audit of a client’s solvency is his credit history. If the story is positive, then most likely a loan will be issued, if the story is negative, then you can’t rely on a loan, or you will be given a loan with a high interest rate.

But not all banks transfer credit histories, and if the previous bank in which they took the loan did not transfer the data, then they will not enter the credit history, but if the data is positive, you can collect all the information yourself and transfer it to the bank so that this data were taken into account.

You can also provide receipts for the payment of utilities and electricity, if the client always pays the bills, the bank will have another guarantee of solvency of the borrower.

If you constantly hear a refusal from a bank to get a loan, then a broker will be a good option. Perhaps thanks to the services of a credit broker, you will be given a loan .

Facilitated credit with 3.5% rate. All the Government Agency advantages

What are ten-year loans

What are ten-year loans

The management of public employees of Social Institute takes care of providing the services dedicated to ex Government Agency members. Among the various services aimed at pensioners and employees of the public administration we find Government Agency loans, loans granted at subsidized interest rates compared to those offered by the traditional banking circuit.

Government Agency subsidized loans, disbursed by the Social Institute (Unified management of credit and social benefits) loan, are divided into multi-year loans and small loans. Small loans have a maximum duration of 4 years, while multi-year loans can have a five-year or ten-year amortization plan.

The requirements of small loans

Who can get ten-year Government Agency loans? The ten-year multi-year Government Agency loans are accessible to all subjects registered for the unitary management of credit and social benefits for at least four years.

In order to obtain funding, applicants must also have a length of service useful to the pension of not less than four years. Government Agency ten-year loans can be applied for by both pensioners and employees of the public administration hired with an open-ended employment contract.

In the event that a public employee with a fixed-term contract applies for the loan, however, it is still possible to access the credit. In this hypothesis, in fact, Social Institute grants, when possible, extensible long-term loans during the period of validity of the employment contract. However, this possibility is only dedicated to civil servants with a contract of no less than three years.

Purpose of ten-year loans

Purpose of ten-year loans

Government Agency multi-year loans are granted only in the face of an effective and documented personal or family need of the member, falling within the cases provided for by the Government Agency Loan Regulations.

Among the various purposes of Government Agency ten-year loans we find the purchase or construction of the house destined to become the residence of the member. Loans are also granted to finance extraordinary maintenance, restoration, building renovation or conservative restoration of the house owned or in bare ownership.

Ten-year loans can also be obtained for the redemption of public housing, or owned by public bodies, already leased, as well as for the acquisition of a cooperative house, or by a cooperative consisting of tenants of houses of public bodies in course of disposal.

Those who apply for credit for early repayment or the reduction of a mortgage loan signed by the former Government Agency member or spouse also have access to ten-year Government Agency loans.

Ten-year loans are also granted for serious illness of the applicant’s family members or exceptional cases not foreseen in the Government Agency loan regulation, but socially relevant and which require a significant economic commitment.

Rates and charges applied to loans

As regards financing costs, an interest rate of 3.50% is applied to the ten-year Government Agency loans for the entire duration of the repayment plan and a rate of administration costs of 0.5%.

The loan is also subject to a share for the Social Institute Risk Fund, which varies according to the age of the applicant at the time of signing the contract.

Presentation of the application

Presentation of the application

But how to apply for the loan? The Government Agency application for ten-year loans must be completed using the appropriate form, available in the “Forms” section of the official Social Institute website (path: Home – Forms – Management of Public Employees – Request for services – Credit and social services).

The Government Agency application for ten-year loans must be accompanied by documentation certifying the applicant’s state of need, which varies according to the purpose of the loan, and a medical certificate attesting to the applicant’s sound physical constitution. The certificate must have been issued by a medical officer in service or by a doctor of the ASL no later than 45 days before the date of submission of the application.

Finally, as regards the presentation of the loan application, this must be sent electronically. Civil servants must therefore contact the administration they belong to, while retirees must use the special online service.

300 dollar loan without interest

How times have changed and how empty your pockets are! A few years ago, 300 USD could seem like a not too high amount of money. If we had to pay that amount, for example, pay a fine, pay the dentist or buy glasses; better or worse, but it was paid and that’s it. Then the crisis came. Stay with us. And now spending that amount can be a real headache for many families. So much so that they even ask for a loan of 300 USD.

We have talked in this blog on many occasions about the large number of lending companies that, in recent times, have gained their place in the market thanks to the fact that they sell fast loans with little paperwork or bureaucracy. 15 minutes, in the best case, is what we can take to have the requested amount entered into our bank account.

But the last cry is the companies that grant little money, for example, a loan of 300 USD, without interest. In just 10 minutes we can have them in our possession without having done a single paper and without having to pay interest. Sounds nice, right?

Companies that grant a loan of 300 USD

Companies that grant a loan of 300 USD

Currently there are four companies that grant a loan of 300 USD without interest in Spain.

  1. Kredito24: allows you to request up to 750 USD and they will not charge interest as long as the amount is returned, at most, in seven days.
  2. Creditomas: up to 400 USD without interest if it is returned within a maximum period of 30 days. The money takes 15 minutes to reach our account.
  3. Solcredito: in this case the maximum limit that can be requested, to avoid having to face interest or commissions, is 600 USD. The return period is also set at 30 days.
  4. Vivus: without interest you can not ask for more than 300 USD. To return it we will have a maximum of 30 days. It is the customer who chooses the return period. From seven to 30 days.

The trick of companies that grant a loan of 300 USD

The trick of companies that grant a loan of 300 USD

So far, everything is perfect, but nobody gives pesetas hard. Where is the business of these companies? Firstly, that the interest-free conditions only apply to those who request the first credit in the company. In other words, on the one hand, they manage to attract new clients who, if they need a loan again in the future, are more likely to return and, in addition, take away clients from the competition.

Also, these companies that grant a loan of 300 USD do not include interest if the money is returned within the stipulated period. But if we spend only one day, the surcharge will be really important. What was said. No one here gives away anything.

Cash loan – types of loans

Bank is in special demand among citizens. This is due to the fact that, in comparison with other credit institutions, bank offers to issue a cash loan on mutually beneficial conditions.

Cash loan: conditions and maximum amount

Cash loan: conditions and maximum amount

It is worth noting that bank offers a cash loan of two main types: standard and special programs.

In turn, standard loans include:

  • Cash loan without collateral . This type of loan can be issued quickly and extremely simply. Under this program, a bank limit of up to 1.5 million dollars is provided for a period of up to five years. The size of the annual rate will depend on the loan term, on the currency, on the income and banking history of the borrower and may vary from 17 to 26%.
  • Cash loan with guarantors . In this case, you can get a loan in the amount of up to 3 million dollars, for a period of five years at an annual rate of 17 to 26% per annum.

Special lending programs include:

  • Cash loan with collateral . Here the amount is much higher and the borrower can count on up to 10 million dollars, but the loan amount should not go beyond 70% of the value of collateral. The lending period is seven years. The annual rate is from 13.5 to 15.5% per annum.
  • Education loan . Under this program, you can apply for a loan to pay for tuition at any institution of higher education located in the country. The loan is provided only in domestic currency, and the amount should not exceed 90% of the cost of all training. A loan can be obtained on privileged terms, that is, for a period of 11 years at a rate of 12% per annum.

This program also includes a loan for education with state support . Under this program, you can apply for a loan to pay for training for those citizens who apply for this type of loan for the first time, and most importantly, those who have passed the selection and become a member of the state program. The loan term consists of the time of study at the university plus ten years, the annual rate of 5.06%.

Other types of loans at bank

Other types of loans at bank

Of course, bank offers other lending programs. This is a mortgage, car loan, housing loans, etc.

A housing loan helps many borrowers to build their own home or buy ready-made housing, and even a garage. bank cannot ignore mortgage lending, which can be used to obtain a loan secured by acquired or existing property. The bank accepts funds of maternity capital as a first installment.

Another service of the bank, which began to be in great demand among the bank’s customers, is the re-lending of housing loans, that is, the bank provides cash to pay for a housing loan received earlier in another banking structure.

A car loan is provided for the purchase of both a new and a used car. It is worth noting that bank cooperates with many representatives of the foreign and automotive industries. Car loans can be issued for a period of five years, the annual rate starts at 15%.

And the last thing you should pay attention to is that getting a loan at bank is much more difficult than at other banks. The security service works at the highest level, which means it will not work to deceive the bank employees. But, if everything is in order with the documents and you approach the bank as a borrower, then you can get a loan at a good interest.

Government Agency loans offer on sale of the fifth

Loans for public employees and pensioners

Loans for public employees and pensioners

In order to guarantee public employees and pensioners the possibility of accessing credit on special terms, Government Agency has signed agreements with various credit institutions. Among these we find . In fact, the online financial note provides loans at subsidized conditions dedicated to workers and public pensioners, the Government Agency loans.

When analyzing the loan offer Government Agency refers to two products. In fact, the financial company provides loans on the assignment of the fifth on favorable terms through the assignment of the fifth of the salary or pension.

The advantages of the Government Agency loan offer are primarily represented by the possibility of obtaining sums of over 30 thousand USD. Money to be repaid with a repayment plan in monthly installments of a constant amount. The installment is deducted directly from the payee’s paycheck or pension check. The interest rate is fixed.

To be considered also the fact that loans on assignment of the fifth can also be requested by those who already have a loan in progress. This is because given the characteristics of the assignment of the fifth, loans of this type can also be granted to those who already have a loan. The repayment of the installments is in fact guaranteed by the presence of a fixed income. The same goes for those who are reported as bad payers.

Offers loans on sale

Offers loans on sale

Given the signing of an agreement with the social security institution, those who apply for Government Agency loans can also benefit from preferential conditions and short deadlines for granting credit. Below are the conditions of the offers advertised on the official website of the financial company.

Until January 31, 2018 it is possible to obtain a loan upon transfer of the fifth of the 12 thousand USD pension to be repaid in 120 months. The monthly payment to be paid is 136 USD while Tan and Taeg are fixed at 6.46% and 6.65% respectively.

For employees, on the other hand, the January offer provides for a 13 thousand USD loan with repayment in 120 months. The monthly payment is fixed at 144 USD while Tan and Taeg stand at 5.95% and 6.11% respectively.

Lastly, we remind you that civil servants also have the possibility of requesting loans with payment delegation. Products that allow those who are already in the process of assigning a fifth to transfer an additional fifth of their salary, thus reaching a maximum of two fifths (40%) of the paycheck.

Instant credit without credit rating

Your financial resources have just been exhausted, but still want to fulfill one or the other wish or the costs to be borne are just too high at the moment? Do not reach for the stars, but take out an instant credit with no credit rating. Read more at

Bank offers via online

Bank offers via online

Make offers at your house bank and compare them with loans without creditworthiness on the Internet. In order to obtain an offer for an online loan, the first step is to enter your data on the website of the respective credit institution. The credit inquiry is free of charge and non-binding for every provider.

After a short time you will be answered whether the amount can be financed and on what terms. Before you agree, you should carefully examine each offer and compare it with competing providers. Read the conditions and additional costs carefully and weigh the risks well.

Keep in mind that the bank, which trusts you and does not carry out a credit check, charges a little higher interest. However, you do not see yourself at a disadvantage due to higher interest rates, since you have the desired amount of money available within a very short time with an instant loan without credit rating.

If you should opt for an online instant credit with no credit rating, print out the loan application, you have almost completely filled out the credit request and send it to the respective credit partner by post. Your identity check is carried out by Postident. After a few days, the amount will be credited to your checking account and you can dispose of the amount.

Paid out money – life under control again.

Paid out money - life under control again.

You will see how much burden is removed from your shoulders when you pay your debts in full, or how happy you will be when you can make a wish come true. An instant credit without creditworthiness is a good solution, especially in difficult times, to be able to sleep peacefully again at night. Financially difficult times don’t always stay that hard, they get better and the loan is paid off in no time